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Alchemy BOX c26

Chapter 26

Even if it doesn’t turn into an Item Box, I can dissemble it if needed.

Then all we have left to do is try!

[Would you like to Enchant?]

YES. {untranslated text}

The BOX glows. When I opened the lid, all I saw was my bag. What happened to the stone?

When I took my bag out, the rope I used to close the lid had the stone attached.

It still looks lame…….

Anxiously and fearfully, I throw the bag outside the side door.

The bag hit the ground with a light <boof>, but the ground wasn’t carved into a hole.


I place the bag inside my [Alchemy BOX] to assess it.

[A Dimensional Carrying Bag. The inside of the Carrying Bag is connected to another dimension, and you can insert an infinite amount of items. When you take out items from the bag, just imagine the item in your mind to select.]

ーーis what it said.

Ain: “WHOOOOAAAA! I finally got an Item Box!!”


Ain: “Oh, sorry, sorry. You got the water for us, and I left you holding that this whole time.”

I purify the water with the [Alchemy BOX], and though it’s just a piece torn from the sheet, we call it a [towel] and wipe our feet with it.

Though the cold water woke us up for a moment, it only lasted a moment.

One deep breath, and I feel my eyelids get heavier.

Ain: “(yawn). Okay, let’s go to bed. We’ll assess the Drop Items tomorrow.”

Sia: “AaaEee~”

As soon as we crawled underneath the covers, we both immediately fell asleep.


The eastern sky began to brighten.

Ain: “HeYー. You’re kidding me, right? We were just about to fall asleep~”

Sia: “............(snore).......”

Looks like Sia was able to still fall asleep. AGH. I want to sleep tooー!

In the end, the morning sun was too bright, and I couldn’t sleep at all.

I took the wooden supplies and used my [Alchemy BOX] to make it into the same shape as the window. I set it against the window in place of a curtain. Thanks to that, it got nice and dark in the room, and we were able to sleep really well.

When I removed the wooden cover, it was already started to get dark outside.

Ain: “How long were we asleep?” Sia: “(YAWN~). Uuuー, lots.”

Well, yeah…. We did sleep lots. It’s already the evening.

My body feels a little heavy, but I can’t fall back asleep again. If I do, we’ll certainly flip our sleep cycle upside down and stay up all night and sleep all day.

Ain: “Alright, let’s move our bodies as much as we can. We left the fields alone for 5, no 6 days, so let’s at least take a look at the Green House.”

Sia: “UNy-Uuuuuu”

We watered the vegetables inside the Green House, and our dinner even though it was the first meal of our day.

Ain: “Okay then. Why don’t we assess the jewels we got?” Sia: “OOoo!”

Ain: “Let’s start with the red stoneーー”

There’s a couple of red jewels, but each of their shapes and red coloring is slightly different. I guess we’ll assess each one individually.

The red jewels were Ruby, Garnet, and Fire Pearl.

The blue was Sapphire, Tanzanite, Lapis Lazuli, and Blue Apatite.

The green was Emerald, and Peridot.


And when we were done assessing the stones, it occurred to me.

I don’t understand the values of these jewels at allー

I asked Sia, but she only tilted her head not knowing either.

Ain: “I guess this is why they call it pearls to swine.”

Sia: “AUUuuu……” Ain: “(sigh), I still feel tired. Oh yeah. Didn’t we harvest some grapes before we left? Maybe they’re still edible?” Sia: “OH!”

I thought of placing them someplace cool, and left the fruits on the reception counter.

When we went to check on them, the apples and grapes were still good to eat.

Sweet things really hit the spot when you’re tired.

Ain: “These Status Fruits…..kind of look like grapes, but I wonder if they taste sweet? Sia, have you ever eaten one before?”

Sia: “Mmmmー?”

Sia chewed a mouthful of grapes as she shook her head. Well, it is a rare item.

We return to our room and were comparing the Status Fruits we earned from the battle and the grapes.

The grapes are Muscat Grapes so they are green in color, but the Status Fruits are a dark violet blue and are closer to the color of blueberries.

Ain: “If only I could enchant the Status effects…. Even if it’s just +1, if we do that for each grape, then stacking that effect would amount to something……….let’s try it.”

Sia: “UNGU!”

Ain: “Sia, can you grab a bunch of grapes from the kitchen and place it into the BOX?”

Sia: “UEhhーー”

Ain: “We have plenty of grapes. One bunch isn’t going to make a difference.” Sia: “BUUUuuー”

Sia didn’t like the idea, but she brought a single bunch of grapes from the kitchen. As she placed it into the box, we counted how many were there.

In total, there were 85 grapes in that bunch.

The Grapes and the Status Fruit.

As I close the lid, I brace myself. There’s 85 individual grapes. In my head, that’s going to repeat 85 timesー

But ignoring all of that, I focus on the word, “Enchant” strongly in my head.

And then it happened. The BOX lit up!

Ain: “......I didn’t think that was going to work….”

Sia: “OOOooo?!”

From inside the box, numerous green Muscat grapes were tinged with a violet blue light.

I took the original Status Fruit out of the BOX and took a look at it up close.

Assessing it individually, it said it was a Status Fruit. So even after enchanting, this guy didn’t disappear.

To test something out, I empty out the BOX. I place another bunch of grapes inside with the Status Fruit and enchant again.

I re-open the lid of the BOX and from inside, I see the green grapes emitting a violet blue light, and the original Status Fruit was still there.

Wait, I can re-use this and re-enchant more items?!

Sia: “Eeee-eh?”


No, from her drool, I think she tried to say, “Eat.”

Ain: “We have this many. Let’s try one.”

Sia: “OOOooー!”

I take out the original Status Fruit and put it in safe storage. I pop a green Muscat Grape into my mouth.

Hmmm... it still tastes like a grape.

What about my Status? Lou Quain Lonneberg

Human・15 years old・Male

Strength: 25 Stamina: 40 Agility: 30

Dexterity: 28 Magic: 6


Alchemy BOX 26


Enchant 1


Ain: “My Magic Power went up!!”

Sia: “OOOoooo. Sia. Sia too. Stamー, went upー”

Ain: “I see…….and it’s not Stam. It’s Sta-mi-na. Okay?” Sia: “STAMー!”

Well, we’ll leave that for now.

Okay, let’s start feastingー!

ーーor so we thought but…..after eating 5, I suddenly got dizzy.

And nausea hit me like a hammer, and it all came back out.

Sia was the same, and we both through up everything that was in our stomachs.

After we felt better the next day…..

We checked our Statuses and….

Strength: 25 Stamina: 40 Agility: 30

Dexterity: 28 Magic: 5

ーーmy Status went back to what it was.


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)

It doesn't help that the Japanese word for "Mascot" and "Muscat" are almost identical, and I've made this TL mistake before. I believe Japanese authors also make this error too. Japan is crazy about creating and harvesting really sweet, really expensive fruits, andーー



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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 1: Banishment --> Deserted Island Survival

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Jorge Carreras
Jorge Carreras
Apr 17, 2022

Drat. The power up was only temporary.

Aug 19, 2022
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Yeah. What a let down.

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