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Alchemy BOX c22

Chapter 22: Naming the Sheepoo

Ain: “You are Boris.”


Ain: “You are Hannah.”


Ain: “You are Boss.”


Ain: “What?! You got a problem with your name?!”

I was going around naming all the Horned Sheepoos.

Boss is Boss. And the Boss’ child was a boy so I put in an extra syllable inside Boss' name to make it Boris.

The Momma Sheepoo is Hannah.

I named the rest of the female Sheepoo. I took the “Shee” of Sheepoo and named one “Shina.” I named the one “Nina”. Another one after the word “Carrots” and named her “Carol.”

Everyone except Boss liked their name.

After Boris’ birth, there was a wooden shed a little north of the orchard, so I remodeled it for the Sheepoo to live there.

The Horned Sheepoo are strong against the cold because of their sheep wool, but if they get drenched in water, they can easily catch a cold.

That’s why I just needed to fix the roof and the large hole in the wall, but I didn't need to do more than that.

Ain: “With this shed, you won’t get wet in the rain anymore.”


Hannah seems happy as she rubs her nose against me.

Now that they are being more affectionate with me, it’s hard to see them as Monsters…...though they are still huge.

But if you ask me if all Monsters on the surface are like this, they are not.

The Fire Monkey attacked us as soon as they saw us, and other Monsters are typically just as aggressive.

The peaceful Monsters are much more rare.

Oh, talking about Monsters…..

Ain: “I actually want to go inside the Dungeon once. Even if there are no Monsters inside, I think even that would still be a good experience, right?” [Unbehーー.......]

Sia: “Goー?”

Ain: “Yeah, I want to go in.”

Sia: “I goー!”

Ain: “Sure! Then let’s get ready.”

Sia: “OHー”

First, we should pack some food. ThenーーI need to fix the short sword by putting the materials from the nails back on it.

If it’s iron, I can also find some in this town too.

Ain: “Sia, do you want an axe? I can also make a short sword or long sword too.”

Sia: “Uuuuー.......this.”

Ain: “This?” Sia began shadow boxing for some reason.

Your big brother Ain doesn’t know what you’re trying to sayー

Sia: “Nailー”

Ain: “Nail? Like a weapon with claws?”

Sia: “YEAー!”

It’s true that people from the Beast Race would look really good with a Claw-Type weapon. That would look awesome.

Alright! Let’s give it a shot!

Ain: “So….what’s left…..? Oh yeah, let’s make sure to make more Fire Stones.”


Ain: “Yeah, so a Fire Stone isーー”

When I place the Monkey’s {Mini-Fire} and place it inside the [Alchemy BOX], I can enchant it. I can then throw the stone, and the stone will then emit the same power and effect as the enchanted Spell. Plus, with one Magic Spell, I can enchant multiple rocks at the same time.

Ain: “So even if I can’t use Magic, with this, I have something that can give me temporary firepower.”

[Beh, Behーー]

Boss began prancing around, and after that, he seemed concentrate his strength within his body, and as he readied himselfーーhis horn began to shine.

He then charged and headbutted a nearby tree.

<KABOOーーM!!> and with a huge sound, the tree busted into tiny pieces!

Ain: “WHHAAAAーー?!?!”


He’s smiling! He’s got a huge, annoying smile spread across his face!

Wait, does this mean… he trying to say, “Hey, in that case, I’ll let you use my amazing Spell.”?

If that’s the case, then why not? I can use a Spell like that.

I get the [Alchemy BOX] ready and gesture for Boss to come at me. He then made his horn shine once more andーーhe’s charging at meー!

Oh, waitーーisn’t this bad?!

But when the Boss charged into the BOX, I only felt a small impact against me.

The BOX…… quite exceptional…

I close the lid, and I hear the information about Boss’ move.

[<Horn・Destruction. A Neutral-Type Magic Attack that collects Magic Power into the horn and releases it during close combat]

A close-range combat attack, huh. Actually, since I’m going to be enchanting rocks, it’ll be a perfect far-range attack weapon at that point.

I start picking up the rocks around me and start piling them into the BOX to enchant them.

Ain: “That’s amazing, Boss. It’s a really impressive, powerful Skill you got there.”



The Boss continued to grin widely from the compliment when Hannah came to his side.

And Hannah also began concentrating power as she readied her body.

On top of her smaller horns, a small whirlwind began circling around them.


From the whirlwind, with a small <whoosh>, the blades of wind cut through the air.

Though it is not as powerful as the Boss’ attack, the trees that got hit were carved with very deep engravings.

Ain: “Whoaー....even though Horned Sheepoo’s have such gentle personalities, you guys still have some wicked attacks.”


Ain: “Oh, yes please. I do need destructive power, but I really like far-range attacks tooー”


As I nod in approval at Hannah’s Magic attack, Boss was taken back with a, “What did you say?!” and seemed offended.

He started pounding on the ground with his hooves whenーー



The ground swelled up and giant cones made of rock began jutting out of the ground in a straight line.


I thought they were peaceful creatures!!


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 1: Banishment --> Deserted Island Survival

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