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Alchemy BOX c21

Chapter 21

We carried the Momma Sheepoo and Baby Sheepoo on the cart, and slowly headed for the surface for a few hours.


From the darkness, I see a white shape appear. That was also the sign that arrived at the Dungeon exit at the same time.

Ain: “HAAAAHー We’re finally outー!”

Sia: “AUuuu”

[Unbeh, Unbehーー]




I have no clue what they’re saying.

But right now, we need to let the mom and baby rest ー especially the Momma Sheepoo. She fell at least 7 meters (~23 feet). I’m sure she’s injured pretty badly.

Ain: “Oh look! There’s a cottage over there. I guess it’s something they built to keep watch over the Dungeon entrance.”

Sia: “OOOooo”

Ain: “Sia, help me carry the Sheepoo over there.”

Sia: “Yea”

The small cottage was made of stone and looked sturdy.

I let down the Baby Sheepoo and carry the Momma Sheepoo on the sheets as we walk inside.


Ain: “C’mon you guys. Come inside. It’s raining outside.”

The rain started coming down hard. The Sheepoo’s fur was drenched, and they would catch a cold at this rate. But they all refused to come inside the cottage.

From their reaction ー yup, there it is.

Ain: “Hey, this Magic Stone Lantern is empty. There’s none of that smell that you don’t like! Stop worrying about that. Or what? You’ll just keep yourselves there drenched in the rain? What if you catch a cold and give it to the Baby Sheepoo!”

[BEH……….Uuuuuu, UNBEHーー]

The Boss Sheepoo made up its mind and stepped inside. Now the remaining Sheepoo have to follow.

There was a furnace inside, so I took apart the wooden cart we didn’t need anymore and turn it into firewood.

With the [Alchemy BOX], I select certain pieces of wood to start the fire and ignite it.

Ain: “Momma Sheepoo, how do you feel?” [Uuuuuuuuu]

She seems weak and groaning in pain. This isn’t good.

We just spent all that effort rescuing her, and she plans to leave her child and die?

Just like my mother in my previous life?!

I remember now. I was reborn into this world with my previous life’s memories intact, so I remember it well.

My mother in my previous life loved me. She was worried for me.

She regretted and cursed herself for leaving me behind!

I want to save her.

If I have my [Alchemy BOX], I can make a Potion, right?!

As long as I have the materials, with my [Alchemy BOX], I can make anything even without the tools!

Ain: “Boss, are there any materials around here to make Potions? Do you know of any places where I can find some herbs?”

[Unbeh. Behー]

Ain: “Okay, can you guide me there?”

Sia: “AUuu”

Ain: “Sia, I need you to stay here this time. I need you to stay here and watch over the Momma Sheepoo. Okay?”

Sia: “.........yea………”

Okay, good girl.

As I step outside into the rain with the Boss Sheepoo, the Boss Sheepoo crouches down its body and makes a [Beh] sound at me.

Ain: “You want me to get on?”


Whoa?! Really?! I can ride on a Sheepoo?!

Since the cold winter times are fast approaching, I left a good bit of their wool intact.

This fluffy, poofy sensation was amazingーーbut the ride was pretty rough.

<DOH-DOH-DOH-DOH-DOH-DOH> and with a thunderous rumble, we descended down the mountain and headed into the forest.

We cross a small river and as we go further, there was a rocky boulder about 5 meters (~16.5 ft) high.

The Boss braces his front foot against it and stands tall. His feet just barely could not reach the leafy vegetation that reminded me of a Yomogi plant.

I saw it before in one of my Alchemy Books.

It’s a material to make Upper-Tier Healing Potions!

Ain: “You got great stuff growing around here.”

Though there’s not a lot of it, I picked as much as I could.

On the way back, I collect some water from the small river and return to the cottage. I endure the bumpy ride back and finally arrive.

Ain: “I’m back. How’s her condition?”

Sia: “Uuuuu”

Sia’s expression is serious with worry. But the Momma Sheepoo’s stomach rose up and down steadily as she breathed.

Ain: “I’ll make the Potion, so wait there.”

I took the Yomogi plant I picked, and it is currently floating inside the water at the bottom of the BOX.

I didn’t want the potion’s quality to degrade from being too diluted, so I only brought maybe 2 cups of water.

[The Yomo Herb. By boiling it in water gently, it becomes an Upper-Tier quality liquid Potion]

I was listening to a voice explain the components to me.

So I need to slowly and carefully boil it. As I concentrate on those attributes, the BOX lights up.

What came out was a deep green liquid.

As I close the lid of the BOX, I hear a voice say, [Upper-Tier Quality Potion. It is useful for treating wounds].


The morning light shone through the window, and I woke up from the bright light filling the room.

Ah, the rain stopped.

(Sigh).....but really…….this fluffy Sheepoo wool is so warmーー

The Momma Sheepoo who drank the Upper-Tier Quality Potion had completely recovered from her wounds.

But she could not immediately regain all the physical strength that was drained from childbirth, and we decided to spend the night there at the stone cottage.


Ain: “Good morning, Baby Sheepoo. How’s your momma doing?”


Ain: “Hey, stop that. That tickles.”

The Baby Sheepoo continues to lick my face all over. I wonder if it tastes like something to him?

Sia: “Un-aaaa. Moーn, Uーk”

Ain: “Good morning, Sia. Can you check on the Momma Sheepoo?”

Sia; “yea”

Sia checks on the Momma Sheepoo’s condition, and she seems to have fully recovered.

She was just hungry.

Ain: “Then why don’t we bring her some carrots?” Sia: “Oohー!”


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)

Yomogi (ヨモギ) Plant


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 1: Banishment --> Deserted Island Survival

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