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Alchemy BOX c20

Chapter 20


CongratulationsーーI mean, we don’t have time for that!

Ain: “How are we going to carry this giant body……...can we wrap it up in sheets and pull her along with us? No, the sheets will probably tear.

Sia: “AUUuuu”

Think. Think!

If this was going to happen, I should have put something in the box….wait, there is something in there!

I stuffed it full of chair and table remains to make something that would block the roof from leaking!

I measure the size of the Sheepoo quickly. She’s about 210 cm (~7 ft).

Then I’ll need two pieces of wood around 110 cm (~3.5 ft) and about 220 (~7 ft 2 in) in length.

The thickness is about 3 cm (~1 in), and I got 16 pieces of wood in my [Alchemy BOX].

I only need 3 pieces. But I also need nails tooー

Ain: “For nail……..I guess I’ll use the sword.”

I throw the sword inside my BOX, and I make a short sword and nails with the leftover iron.

I put two pieces of wood next to each other, and set the 3rd piece horizontally across. I secure the piece with the nails.

With the remaining pieces of wood, I make small wooden wheels.

I make 8 wheels and attach it to the wood. Of course, I make sure that the wheels are able to roll smoothly.

Ain: “Sheepoo, we’ll carry you on this wood, okay?” [Un, Unbehー]

First, we took the sheets and shoved it below her body. Once we got it underneath her, we dragged her to the wooden cart and placed her on top.

When I was stuffing the sheets underneath her stomach, I got a sense of something kicking my arms.

Ain: “Looks like the child inside your stomach is doing okay. It kicked at my arm.”

[Unbeh. Unbehー, Unbehーー]

The Sheepoo must have felt relieved from the news and as she relaxed, she lost consciousness.

I need to get back to the surface as soon as possible.

Ain: “Sia, I’ll pull the cart with the rope from the front. Can you push the Sheepoo from the back?”

Sia: “Yea”

Ain: “Okay, let’s go!”

With the surface of the dungeon floor being so uneven, it was difficult to move the cart with wooden wheels.

But I pulled on the rope as hard as I could.

And very fortunately for us, I don’t sense any presence of Monsters around.

The Boss Sheepoo mentioned this too, but this Dungeon really is dead.

Because we don’t have to worry about getting attacked, we can focus on just moving forward.

At times, Sia would sniff the air to see which direction she can feel the fresh air coming from.

As we walked through the Dungeon, the Sheepoo began to cry out in pain.


Ain: “Wait, is the baby about to be born?!”

Sia: “Boーn. Uーk, boーn!”

Me? Born? Oh, no, she’s talking about the baby. That makes more sense..

Ain: “Calm dawn. It’s 2 short inhales and a long exhale. Hee-hee-foooo. Like that.”

I’m pretty sure that’s what they always said in the TV soap operas.

But that……...was for humans right?

Sia is also looking more worried and speaking to the Sheepoo.

And suddenly, Sia’s tail fluffs out and stands up straight.

Sia: “Uーk, baーd. Baーy, upshiーdow”

Ain: “The baby is what?” Sia: “Upshiーdow”


Wait, is she trying to say upside down?!

So, upside down meaning…...the baby’s head is in the wrong direction?

I thought I saw this on animal TV shows, but aren’t upside down babies hard to deliver?

If they’re hard to deliver, they could die from suffocation inside the mother’s womb…..

Ain: “WhーWhーWhーWhーWhーWhーWhーWhat should we do?! A…..a breech baby?!”

Sia: “GAAAUUUUuuu”

Ain: “Hey, Sia, you…..where are you sticking your hands?!”

She stuck both arms right up the Sheepoo’s butt….well, the other hole.

Oh! She’s trying to pull out the baby with her hands!

Okay, c’mon Sia! You can do it!

But Sia immediately pulled her hands out.

Sia: “Cant reaー”

Ain: “You can’t reach the baby?” Sia: “Yea! Uーk, handー”

Ain: “YーYou want me to stick my hands in there?! Wait, I can’t do that! She’s another man's wife!”

Although she is a Sheepoo.

Sia: “Do itー”

Ain: “Ugh……..”


The Sheepoo seems to be suffering too. And the child inside must be suffering even more.

If I don’t help them, the baby could die.

The Sheepoos have been a huge help for us to survive. If I don’t, who else will?!

Ain: “UOOOOoooooo!!”

I stick my hands deep inside the Sheepoo.

Ugh……’s really warm, sticky and gooeyーー

I continued to dig my arms deeper, and just as my face was about to press against the Sheepoo’s butt, I felt something inside.

Oh, I think this is a leg. Yeah, it’s definitely a breech baby.

Ain: “I have the baby’s leg! I’m going to pull it now!”

And with that, I tug at the leg as hard as I could.

On the way, my hand slipped off the foot, and only my arm comes out.

One more time! I won’t let go this time!!

I reach my arms back in and pull once more.

The Sheepoo is doing what she can too. I can feel her push and using that momentum, we pull as hard as we can!

A white leg suddenly appears. Sia takes off her clothes to wrap it around the foot and pulls with that.

Ain: “IT’S OUTー!”

Sia: “AUー!”


Is the baby breathing? Is it breathing normally?

The female Sheepoo licks and cleans all the stuff that the baby is wrapped in. I also help take off the stuff clinging to the baby’s body as best as I could.

And thenー


A small voice echoes against the Dungeon walls.


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)

Hee-hee-fooo. (ひっひっふー) -- Common breathing method taught in Japanese hospitals to counter the pain of childbirth with efficient breathing and oxygen circulation.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 1: Banishment --> Deserted Island Survival

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