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Alchemy BOX c13

Chapter 13

10 days have passed since we started living in the abandoned town.

It was somewhat to be expected, but we didn’t find anyone else living on this island yet. We’ve only come across some Monsters and animals.

Sia went inside the forest to hunt some animals, but our first encounter was a monkey.

Ain: “A Fire Monkey, huh. Sia, it uses a Spell called {Mini-Fire}. If the mohawk-shaped fire on top of its head grows bigger, be careful.”

Sia: “GAUu”

When I was still little, I read as many books as I could to learn about Alchemy.

Among those books, there were many subjects unrelated to Alchemy, and the Monster Encyclopedia was one of them.

If you take a ring-tailed lemur and make it less cute and attach a fire in the shape of a mohawk on top of its head, you get a Fire Monkey.

It uses a small Fire Type Spell, and for a person with low Magic Power like me, it is an annoying enemy.

But I wonder if Sia feels the same way?

We encountered 4 Fire Monkeys in total. The Encyclopedia said it was quick-footed, so should we try and run?

[UKYAAAAAAー] (sfx monkey cries)

Ain: “Tsch, don’t come this way.”

With a <SLASH>, one of the Monkeys that jumped towards me fell.


Wait, are they…..pretty weak?

[MUKYAAAAー] (sfx angry monkey cries)

One of the Monkeys saw his comrade get slain and in an uncontrollable rage, it jumped into the air.

Idiot, you can’t dodge if you jump into the air.

I’ll step to one side and take you out!

With a <KICK>, I jumped to the side, but there was another Monkey waiting for me in that direction.

Ain: (TSCH! The one who jumped was just a decoy!)

I lost my form and balance, as I hurriedly swung my sword at the one waiting for me. I could only lightly wound it, but I made it jump backwards.

But I also fell forward to the ground. My sword hand hit the ground and loses its grip.

Ain: “Oh crap.” [UKI-UKI-UKI-UKI-UKIーーーー] (sfx monkey cries)

Ain: “OH NO!! Their mohawks flared up!!”

A Spell is coming my way!

I need to block it. AlchemyーーI need to make something!

[{Unkyakyaー}] (sfx monkey cries)


And of course, they didn’t wait for me.

I was trying to put a rock inside the [Alchemy BOX], and instinctively pointed the BOX towards the small fireball that was heading towards my way.

Ain: (NOT GOOD!!)

But though I braced for the worst, I felt something light hit the BOX, and there was no further damage.

Ain: “Whーwhat’s going on?” Sia: “AUu. GAU-AU-Aaa”

Sia made a gesture showing me that something went inside my BOX.

It…...went inside the BOX?


When I peek inside the BOX, I see two rocks and one tiny, fiery ball floating around.

Ohー, um, yeah. It is inside of here. The {Mini-Fire}.

Wait, can I use Spells for Alchemy too?!

I close the BOX’s lid, and I hear a voice inside my head sayingー

[A plain rock] [A plain rock] [Lowest-Class Fire Type Spell {Mini-Fire}]


[Would you like to Enchant?]

ーーsaid the voice.




Sia: “GAUuu”

Ain: “HUH?! OH CRAP!!”

I turned my attention too much towards the mechanical voice!

One of the angry Monkeys charged towards me with a nasty snarlー!

[Would you like to Enchant?]


I have my hands full dodging this Monkey’s attacks right now!!

I dodge one of the Monkeys, and the BOX lights up.

I barely dodge the second one and the lid of the BOX opens.

Where’s my sword?

There it is!

In order to pick up my sword, I try to distract the Monkey with whatever I can grab out of the box and throw it.

Ain: “Huh?”

The rock I threw had a red marbled design, and the Monkey who tried to swat it away, touched it, and it ignited?!

[UKYAー] (sfx Monkey scream)

The strength of the fire was weak, but it was enough to draw the Monkey’s attention.

Sia: “Ga”

Sia jumped out from the side, and beheaded the Monkey with a single axe swing.

Sia: “GAUu”

Ain: “YーYeah. Take this!”

I grab the remaining stone, and throw it at the Monkey.

The Monkey was too distracted watching the head of its comrade separate from its shoulders, and the rock landed right on its face!

[GYAAAAAAAAAAAAー] (sfx scream)

Sia: “GAUu”

Wait, do you mean to tell me that I’m supposed to use [Enchant] with my [Alchemy BOX]?!

After we defeat the Fire Monkeys, we successfully get some rabbit meat. We return to the inn with it, and Sia starts preparing the meat.

While she was busy doing so, I began to investigate this [Enchant] ability.

I place a burning branch inside the BOX.

Next, I place a rock I find on the ground inside.

I close the lid.

Ain: “It’s not asking me if I want to Enchant it!!”

But my protest towards the BOX goes unanswered.

Why can’t I Enchant like I did last time? Are you telling me that I can’t just use regular fire?

Ain: “Dangitー do I have to go look for another Fire Monkey?”

Sia: “GAU?” Ain: “Remember that rock that ignited into flames…..? When I was 15, I received a [Gift] called [Enchant] at the Ritual to Adulthood.”

Sia: “Uo?”

Ain: “Do you know what a [Gift] is?”

Sia shakes her head. I wonder if the Beast Race doesn't receive [Gifts]?

But anyways, once you become an adult, as a celebration of the milestone, you receive some kind of ability.

Ain: “I don’t have much Magic Power, so I can’t use Spells. Enchant means you need Spells right? That’s why I thought I would never be able to use this [Gift].”

Sia: “GAUu”

Ain: “But it looks like I can use my [Gift] with my [Alchemy BOX] as a set.”

Sia: “Oooo”

I tried to determine this by putting a burning branch inside the BOX, but I couldn’t trigger the Enchant process.

Ain: “It might be limited to Spells only.”

If I can catch a Spell inside my BOX, I can enchant whatever is inside the BOX with that Spell. It might be that kind of ability.

Ain: “In order to find out, I’ll have to find a way to trap a Spell inside the BOX.”

Sia: “GAU……….(inhaleーーー)......”

Is she doing some sort of breathing exercise?

From there, Sia paused and held her breath.

Sia: “(EXHALEーーーーーー).....”

Ain: “...........huh?”

Sia’s breath was white, and became a beautifully shining crystal of ice.



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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 1: Banishment --> Deserted Island Survival

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