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Alchemy BOX c119

Ch. 119: Interlude - Celebration 2

Gonzo: [ Lou Quain, come and ride on my back. ]

Luke: “What? What’s with you all of a sudden?”

It was just past noon that day, and Sir Gonzo had taken Sir Lou Quain away just as we planned.

Sir Gonzo grabbed the confused Sir Lou Quain by the head and flew off and disappeared into the southern sky.

They were……going quite far. I flicker of worry crossed my mind wondering where Sir Gonzo was taking him, but…..

Jopin: “Right then. First, let us gather all the mansion’s servants.”

I clapped my hands twice briskly, and the maids who heard came right away.

They then assisted me in calling for the knights who resided in the mansion, and I headed to the kitchen to gather the cooks and gardeners.

Everyone gathered at the dining hall as I made the announcement.

Jopin: “3 days from now, we will be holding a celebration for Sir Lou Quain’s birthday.”

I went straight to the point.

The maids, cooks, and gardeners all formerly served the Lonneberg family in the past.

But only half the staff was present on the day Sir Lou Quain was born.

I saw the realization dawn on some, and others looked quizzically at one another.

“That is wonderful news, but why make this announcement so close to the event?”

And one of the knights dispatched from the Tronstad Kingdom spoke up.

Jopin: “On that matter……we have our reasons, but no……regardless of our past circumstances, it does not change the fact that we had forgotten our Lord’s date of birth.”

“Please do not fault Sir Jopin. I have also served the Young Master for many years, and I too have also forgotten until now.”

“Oh, ummm…. what do you mean?” The knight tilted his head in confusion as we explained Sir Lou Quain’s circumstances at the Lonneberg mansion.

We explained how Endin was elevated as the oldest son, but in order to do so, they had to withhold Sir Lou Quain’s birth registration for two months before submitting it.

At the Lonneberg family, Endin was born on the 10th month, and Sir Lou Quain was officially recorded to be born on the 11th month.

Jopin: “But in truth, Sir Lou Quain’s birth occurred at the end of the 9th month.”

“Wow…….I can’t believe they would falsify their child’s birthdate…..”

“I can’t believe it……I have spent many years with Sir Lou Quain, but I never once noticed….”

Jopin: “Because of those circumstances, from this year onwards, Sir Lou Quain can now celebrate his birthday at the proper time without any concerns.”

Even then, we realized this fact far too late. Yes, we were all busy with the harvest season, but that is just a poor excuse now.

“Mr. Jopin, we have what we need to prepare the feast. We have the freshly harvested fruits and vegetables after all.”

Jopin: “What should we do about the meat, Head Chef?” “We can ask the Adventurers for that. And Lady Kumi may be willing to assist in gathering enough fishes.”

We will have the Knights spread word throughout the island and also help us construct the stage.


Eri: “Oh, Sir Luke’s?!”

Sia: “Uーk’s birthday? He’ll be 16 same as Siaー”

Eri: “Oh, I did not know that you were older, Sia. Hehe, I’m sure Sir Luke prefers women younger than him.”

Sia: “No he doesn’t!”

Jopin: “PーPlease…..wーwe really need your assistance at this time.”

As soon as the topic turns to Sir Lou Quain, these two immediately start contesting….

But as soon as my plea was heard, the two turned around to me and said together, “Of course!”

They were both very enthusiastic to help.

And what I would like these two to do isーー


Meanwhile, turning back to Gonzo….

(From Gonzo’s perspective)

Luke: “Hey, Gonzo, where in the world are we? …..look, we’re still busy finishing the harvest, so let’s go back to the island.”

Gonzo: [ I am fatigued. We will rest on this island for a little while ]

Luke: “Rest? Really? ……….*sigh*.....”

I had flown south of Tristan Island and found an uninhabited island.

And unlike Tristan Island, there were no signs that humans had lived here in the past.

Gonzo: [ Hmmmm, but this island is a little too small…]

Luke: “Yeah, if you lay down, your tail might go over the edge here.”

Gonzo: [ And if the tide comes in, this island may disappear. Besides that…. ]

Luke: “Besides that?”

I laid myself on the ground, and the ground felt slightly warm. I also felt a slight pulse come through the ground.

Hmmm, something is triggering my instincts as an Ice Dragon.

This place is unsuitable for one such as myself.

Gonzo: [ Let us move on. ]

Luke: “Move on? You mean, return to the island?” Gonzo: [ No, not yet. We cannot return just yet. ]

I had made a promise to the butler. I am to keep Lou Quain away from the island until the sun sets in the evening.

Gonzo: [ Now then, Lou Quain. As one who governs an island, you must record into your memory the map of the surrounding area. ]

Luke: “What do you mean map? It’s just the ocean all around.”

Gonzo: [ Are you blind? Were you aware of this uninhabited island that is so close to your territory? ]

Luke: “Do you even know how many hours it would take to reach this place by ship?!”

It would at least take half a day indeed.


Gonzo: [ Now, let us depart! We shall explore the northeast sea this time! ]



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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 6: Interlude

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