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Alchemy BOX c110

Ch. 110: This is My House

Gonzo landed in an open field a short distance away from the mansion.

There, a very fancy horse carriage was waiting for us, and inside was Princess Aires and Sia all dressed up.

Luke: “What?! When did you have time to make a carriage like this?!”

Eris: “Hehe. I asked Gredd to make one while we went to rescue Rheinー I mean, Kensuke.

So it’s Gredd’s work…..

Sia: “Uーk, get on. Hurry, hurry.” Luke: “OーOkay. But why are you both dressed up? You both look so pretty.”

Eris: “DーD, D, DーDo we look pretty?!”

Sia: “Uーk, Sia pretty?

Luke: “Yeah, you’re pretty, Sia. And you too, Princー”

“ “ Who’s dress is prettier?! ” ”

……..what? Is that important? As we felt the carriage shudder on the rough road, both scooted up to look me in the face.

Eris: “So which is it?!”

Sia: “You like Sia’s or Eris’ more?!”

Luke; “HーHey, wait a moment. Even if you ask meー”

Eris: “Please answer honestly, Sir Luke!”

Even if you ask me which dress I like, I know I have absolutely zero fashion sense!

Princess Aires is always wearing high quality clothes, but today, she was wearing a dress.

It was a light pink color, and there was a pretty floral design at the neckline. I…..think(?) that it’s a cute(?) design….

Sia was wearing a white and blue dress, and this one was made to… your attention to her chest region.

It was really hard to not look down….

Both dresses had a shorter length for the skirt, and that was probably to avoid getting it dirty on the ground.

We should eventually set down stones for the town to make it easier to walk.

As I thought of these things, the carriage stopped, and the door was opened.

Well, it was a really short distance that was over in a moment.

Jopin: “Welcome back, Sir Lou Quain.” Behind Jopin stood the residents of the island.

Luke: “Wasn’t this still under construction before we left? You really finished this in such a short period of time?” Gredd: “Yeah, fwew!! That was back breaking work!”

Olein: “We had to divide the work between many of the island residents. We all wanted to finish it to surprise you.”

The Guild Master of Tristan Island, Olein, winked as he spoke to me.

So that means the Adventurers probably helped too.

Jopin: “Now now, Sir Lou Quain, please step inside.” As I was invited in, Sia and Princess Aires stood on each side of the entrance.

The door was then opened andー

“ “ Welcome back, Sir Lou Quain!! ” ”


As I stepped inside, I was greeted by maids.

And there were butlers and a cook too. Oh, and over there is a gardener.

I recognized each of their faces.

Rotonoa: “Mr. Jopin requested that I bring everyone over to this island.” Luke: “Rotonoa?! I thought you came to discuss business.”

Rotonoa: “Yes, that too.” Oh, I guess that was part of the reason for his trip. I wondered how the Air Conditioning unit sales were doing.

But that can wait till later.

“Sir Luke…….you really were alive……..”

“Now, now, Ami, don’t cry in front of Sir Luke.” “But! Butーー When I heard about Sir Luke’s accident, I just knew that someone must have murdered him!”

One of the younger maids who cared for me like her little brother began crying as she stood in line.

Hearing that, I was reminded that my family back then was really terrible.

Luke: “Everyone, thank you for coming. Let’s work hard together.”

I remembered growing fruits in the green house. I would be ordered to get some fruit, and I would have to use the Alchemy BOX to ripen them……….but now…..

“Oh, our poor Young Master.”

“He’s gotten so used to being ordered around.”

Seeing all the old acquaintances, I momentarily slipped back into my old self.

That’s not good.

I’m no longer Lou Quain Lonneberg.

I am the Governor of Tristan Island, Lou Quain Tristan now.

I inhaled deeply to calm myself down as I took one step forward.

From today on, this is my home.

Luke: “I’m back. Thank you, everyone.”


My name is Lou Quain Tristan. I am the rank of Baron, and I am responsible for this island.

Luke: “So why is the top leader having to make headache meds with Alchemy?!”

“Ow! Ow-ow-ow-ow, SーSir Governor, please don’t shout.”

“Sir Governor……something……please give me something for this nausea…..urpp……”

Luke: “Ahhh! Don’t puke hereーー!”

From that dramatic return to my new home last night, it was now the morning. I had to ask the Sheepoo and Mothra Kaiko for help to collect herbs known to be good for hangovers.

I’m glad that I remembered the names of the medicinal herbs I found in that Alchemy book……

But isn’t this a doctor’s job?! I really want a doctor on the island!

And a Priest who can cast Healing Spells would be great too!

I made potions for headaches, an anti-nausea potion, and a potion to help recover the digestive system. Depending on the symptoms, I assigned the potions accordingly.

Including the Adventurers, we had about 50 island residents who were suffering from a severe hangover.

If we were attacked now, it would be over.

As I cared for the residents, I wondered if this was what a Governor was supposed to be doing….

As I played with random thoughts in my mind, I continued to care for the drunks that were sprawled out on the floor of the dining hall.

I swore to myself that once these people recovered, I was going to put them to work.

What do we still need done? We need to make roads for the town.

I need to make a greenhouse made of glass to grow Dodorians for the Mothra Kaiko.

Now that we have Kensuke, we also need to expand the fisheries.

And thenーー

And thenーー

Yeah, I guess a Governor’s work is never done.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 5: Merchandise Development

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