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Alchemy BOX c100

Ch. 100: Departure

Riding on Gonzo’s hand, we arrived at the coast.

As if predicting our arrival, Kumi was already waiting for us at the docks. Kurasuke was with her too.

Luke: “Kumi, do you know how many ships there are?”

Kumi: [I did not go near the ships…..but counting the number of waves hitting the hulls, I believe there are more than 10.]

Luke: “10……”

Eri: “It’s a fleet, Sir Luke. Definitely not a merchant ship.”

Up to 2 ships, it would be hard to tell if it was merchant ships or not.

If you were planning on departing for uncharted waters such as an undiscovered continent, you might…….take a large number of ships for the big journey.

But 10 is still too many. And Kumi said <there could be more>.

Luke: “And they’re heading this way?” Kumi: [Yes, they are heading straight for this island.]

Luke: “I wonder how far they are. The clouds are making it hard to gauge their distance.”

Kumi: [Approximately 1.5 kilometers (less than a mile). They are not far.]

Luke: “They’re really close!”

They were far closer than I expected.

I had a brief moment of frustrationーーbut I realized that it was not possible.

Kumi is unable to come up on land.

Gonzo can’t enter the Dungeon. It is true that it’s partly because he’s a Monster on the surface, but his size makes it impossible as well.

Gonzo could have told an Adventurer to come downーーbut it is the middle of the night.

My sense of time is already off, but I think we are deep into the night.

There will not be many Adventurers who would be keen on entering a Dungeon at night.

Gonzo: [Kumi and I could have turned them into ocean rubble, but this might have been problematic for you.]

Kumi: [But we were prepared to proceed in the worst case. I’m glad that Mr. Luke was able to come here in time.]

Luke: “Sorry to make you guys worry. But I wonder what those ships are…”

A fleet……the Tronstad Kingdom’s Navy?

No, the direction they’re coming from is odd.

The lights we saw came from the southern sea. If they came from the Tronstad Kingdom, they would come from the north.

Are they ships from a different continent?

As I was thinking, I heard the sound of hooves from the forest.

And also [Behー] - Boss’ voice.

“Sir Baron.” “Heyー Gov’norー we came tooー”

There were Knights and Adventurers riding here on horses and on the backs of carriages. Some were even sleeping in the back.

Boss: [Unbehー]

Boris: [Pehー]

Sia: “So, Boss say he saw too. That’s why he asked people to comeー”

Luke: “I see. Thanks, Boss. Boris, thank you for coming too.”

I rub my hands through Boris’ fluffy fur. He enjoyed the rubbing and closed his eyes.

Chateldon then came over with a report.

Chateldon: “So we have 10 Knights and 15 Adventurers.”

Luke: “Thank you all for coming. Is it the middle of the night right now?” Chateldon: “Yes, only the night guards were awake at this time.”

And Chateldon fidgeted uncomfortably slightly.

Ah, so it was really late.

These Adventurers were roused in the middle of their sleep. I’m going to have to pay them for overtime.

Chateldon: “Are they…ships?” Luke: “Yeah, Kumi said there’s more than 10 ships.”

Chateldon: “I wonder who they are.” Luke: “That’s the problemー It’s the middle of the night, and we can’t even see the stars through the clouds.”

We can wait here, or go directly to confront them and ask them their business.

Luke: “Chateldon, what do you think I should do under these circumstances?” Chateldon: “It is critical to determine whether they are friendly or enemies. But we cannot identify them by sight, and with them on the ocean, it will be difficult to investigate.”

Luke: “Yeahー”

And while we were having the discussionー

We heard a sound echo from the sea.

It was a low explosion like a cannon.

And then it was followed by a splash.

Both were far.

Luke: “Was that a cannon?” Chateldon: “Very likely a cannon.” Kumi: [Yes, a cannon.]

We all moved into action.

We woke up the Adventurers who were still asleep, and the sailors who woke up with the commotion were sent orders to get the ships ready to disembark.

Luke: “Why did they fire when they knew it wouldn’t reach us?”

Chateldon: “To intimidate us or maybe a declaration of war?”

Sia: “Dec-a-sion of war?”

Sia poked Brookhart with the question.

He explained to her that it was how someone sent you a warning before they attacked you.

But that only confused Sia more.

Sia: “If you did that with a prey in a hunt, they would run away, no?” Brookhart: “Ohー yeah, well……..that’s trueー”

It was clear that The Silver Wolves and Humans had very different ways of thinking.

You can do it, Brookhart.

The ship was ready in about 10 minutes.

Luke: “Princess Aires, this time, we cannot take you with us. Please stay here on the island.”

Eri: “Sir Luke! But that’sー”

Chateldon: “Princess, I will have to report to his Majesty if you are making too many unreasonable demands upon the Baron.”

Eri: “ChーChateldon…that’s….cruel….”

I see. Chateldon must be here to keep an eye on the Princess.

Then I wish she would keep a tighter gripー

And with Chateldon’s words, the Princess begrudgingly got off the ship.

In her place, Kumi lifted Kurasuke out of the ocean.

Kumi: [Mr. Luke, could you please have Kurasuke stay aboard with you?]

Luke: “Yeah, no problem. Kurasuke, please behave while you’re on the ship.”

Kurasuke: [Okay, I willー]

“Don’t worry. Everyone here will protect. There’s nothin’ to worry about.”

Kurasuke: [Okayー thank youー]

Kurasuke was popular among the sailors.

In the town, Boris, Gina, Nina’s child Nease, Carol’s child Carolus and Casval. These 5 young Sheepoos were very well known and popular.

There were even some Adventurers who tried to tame Gonta.

They would tell me how they would like to become Dragon Riders one day.

Luke: “By the way Boss, you can’t swim, right?” Boss: [Unbehー]

Then why are you here?


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 5: Merchandise Development

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