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Extreme Flame Wizard by Cyclamen


There are currently 4 official Light Novels that will be translated in rotation.

Semi-Retired Adventurer (SRALL)

​Extreme Flame Wizard (EFW)

Alchemy BOX (ABOX)

A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher (ANCMAR)

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Legal Disclaimer: CHONKY TL does not own the rights to any Japanese Light Novels.  All original contents and sources of these Light Novels can be found free of charge on the internet.  Please support the authors by joining their Social Media platforms (links provided in each TL) and their published novels.  The following Japanese to English translation is a FREE FAN TRANSLATION, and CHONKY TL will not be responsible for any illegal distributions of this translation that violates the local and/or international Copy Right Laws of any associated government, country, and/or any other legal entity outside of this official website.  Official CHONKY TL's are strictly being published only on  CHONKY TL has no affiliations to any other websites that copies contents from this website and posts it on other websites or servers.  CHONKY TL will abide to the fullest extent of the law if an official  legal representative requests that contents be taken down from this website. 


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